We are an award-winning amateur dramatics group based in Swavesey, near Cambridge in the UK.  We usually put on at least two shows a year - a pantomime in January and often a play in the spring or autumn.

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Future Productions

Our next production is "A Tale of Two Scoundrels" written by our member Sam Smethurst.

Thank you to everyone who came to the readthrough on Wednesday 13th February.

Auditions will be held on:
- Wednesday 13th March 8:00pm at The Octagon, Bar Hill
- Monday 18th March 7:30pm at Bar Hill School

Performance dates will be:
- Friday 28th June 2019
- Saturday 29th June 2019
Performance venue: Bar Hill Church
When tickets go on sale they will be available from the button on the right

Rehearsal days will be:
- Mondays at Bar Hill School 7:30pm - 9:30pm
- Wednesdays at The Octagon 8:00pm - 10:00pm
(Please note the later start time on Wednesdays)

Character List:

Grandfather – “Audience” – Grandfather is a stuck up, slightly depressed bit stiff upper lip elderly pensioner who has lost his belief in love because of something that happened. He agrees to listen to his grand-daughter tell her story and slowly builds up the relationship between them to the point she is able to repair his relationship and help him believe in love once more.

Grandmother – “Audience #2” – Grandmother who is the lost love of the grandfather. Something happened that caused a rift but with their grand-daughter’s help, they repair their relationship.

Granddaughter Rosy – Narrator – Grandchild who believes in love and loves her story. Uses the story and learns about her grandfather’s difficulty with love and intends to repair it, using the story and her grandfather’s growing interest in it to do so.

Thomas/Badon – Male Protagonist – Tavern Bartender who falls in love with the Innkeeper’s daughter. Gets thrown out by him after expressing his wish and becomes a pirate in order to find enough wealth to win his blessing and her hand.
Primrose/Mischief – Female Protagonist – daughter of the Innkeeper who falls in love with the bartender. Follows him into the wide world and becomes a highwaywoman in order to prove herself and find him.

Jack - Male Companion – Plucky ex-sailor who helps Badon stay on track despite his characterful alter ego.

Lily - Female Companion – Plucky girl who helps Mischief stay on track despite her characterful alter ego.

Captain – Male Antagonist – Captain who Badon crosses but doesn’t kill. Vows vengeance upon him and teams up with Lily’s mother in order to do so

Mother – Female Antagonist – Mother of Mischief’s companion Lily who gets “insulted” and sent packing by mischief. Vows to teach her a lesson and teams up with the captain to do so.

Badon Blackfire (original) – 1 Scene – The original badon blackfyre pirate who after taking Thomas prisoner and taking pity on him sets him up as the new Badon Blackfire.
“Unimportant” Stranger – 1 Scene – Helpful but ultimately unimportant stranger who gives Primrose her idea to become a highwaywoman.

Deckhand x2 – Chorus members – Sailors

Primrose’ Father (Innkeeper) – Early scenes only – Primrose Father who shuns Thomas believing him not good enough to give Primrose the life she deserves.

Kayla Brimbor – 1 Scene – Source of riches that both Badon and Mischief discover and attempt to rob… Is a stuck up noble who Jack gets shunned by

Messenger – 1 scene