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Season's Greetings Blog
Season’s Greetings Blog

Well, the Christmas fairies done good – and so did the cast. ALL the cast! For the first time since July! I was very pleased with tonight’s rehearsal.

It’s 90% there, the lines are pretty solid, just a few bits where they came unstuck and needed a prompt, but nothing major. It still needs more pace, there are a few slightly saggy bits and some sections that need polishing, but we now move into top gear over get-in weekend. I was asked during the week “if you had to perform this week instead of next, would you be ready?” to which I replied “yes, but I’m glad we have another week.” If we’d performed tonight, it would have been passable, but I’d have been far from entirely satisfied with it, and so, I know, would the cast.

In between rehearsals Martin and I have been living, eating and breathing Season’s Greetings this week, and now we need to take a deep breath and push on with finishing off a few bits of scenery, collecting some last minute items from various places, packing it all in the car, the trailer and Matt’s van and getting it to Swavesey tomorrow evening. Then we hope the Christmas fairies are on our side again on Saturday and that the set goes together smoothly, with no last minute problems. And that our poorly sound man, the wonderful Simon, feels better soon. On Sunday we go for the tech run and a costumed rehearsal (not the full dress rehearsal, that’s on Tuesday.) Message to cast: please wrap yourselves up in cotton wool, don’t get sick, I need you all there and firing on all cylinders!

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