Are you sure you got the room to spare inside?

OK, extra flapjack for the first person to identify which Christmas song that line comes from!

Tonight the real star of the show appeared for the first time – the puppet theatre! Although in fact it was being understudied by a large cardboard box, as it’s quite heavy and awkward to transport, and in any case, working on a Tuesday evening when the temperature is in excess of 25 degrees is in contravention of the terms of its contract. As befits its celebrity status, it demands to be allocated a suitably impressive area of prime stage space, which gave me pause for thought when I realised that the sitting room was a bit smaller than I’d envisaged. The Set Designer and I will have to have a bit of a think about this.

Maybe it was the heat, or maybe I’d dozed off a bit while working on the blocking in the garden this afternoon, but there were several times tonight when I had to apologise to my long suffering cast for my directorial ineptitude. I fell back on the best bit of advice I ever read – There are three things a director is allowed to say: yes, no, and I don’t know. Leave it with me and I’ll tell you on Thursday. However, we muddled through. Once again I realise just how complicated the moves are for this play. I tell myself that once we’ve got all those sorted out it’ll be a doddle. The triumph of hope over experience . . .

A little further elucidation followed of the complicated landscape that is Bernard and Phyllis’s marriage. Apparently she was the receptionist at his GP surgery and a mutual misinterpretation of intentions at the Christmas party one year led to the fatal entanglement. Bye bye handsome plumber, hello empathetic doctor of excellent prospects. How wrong can you be?

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