‘Cause I just want you here tonight

If wishes were horses, beggars would ride – as they used to say. Unfortunately one of my cast is in Italy and another one is in Germany, both for the best of reasons, and we just have to manage without them. But it’s hard, very hard at this stage, and I really feel for the rest of the cast.

Tonight the plan was to go for another full run, but we had some trouble with lines and we didn’t make it. We left out the puppet show scene, which luckily we’d done most of at an extra rehearsal on Sunday. We’ll have to go over it on Thursday before doing some remedial work on scenes 2 and 3.

There’s no disguising it, tonight was hard slog. It’s always like this shortly before the show, and I always wonder what on earth I can do to improve matters. In the end, it has to be a joint effort, with the cast putting in extra work to tighten up on those dodgy lines and me planning the next couple of rehearsals very tightly to identify exactly what we need to do to turn things round. It will be all right in the end, but there’s no easy way out, it depends on hard work. I’m so glad we have the full day rehearsal this Saturday – although even then I still won’t have a Clive, and Neville’s only there for the morning. Still, six hours together is a lot better than two and a half, and they’ll be coming to it fresh, not tired at the end of the day. It’s about now that I have to remind myself that if I don’t believe in it, no-one else will. Onwards and upwards.

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