Gone away is the bluebird, Here to stay is a new bird

It was definitely a bit surreal tonight, going to Tesco’s for a rehearsal! After last week’s near-disaster when I discovered that our major rehearsal venue wasn’t going to be available for the foreseeable future, it was Bar Hill’s very own corner shop to the rescue, in the form of its newly opened Community Room.

Very commodious, and free tea and coffee to boot – although we did reluctantly conclude that the champagne in the fridge probably wasn’t intended for us. It would have been appropriate tonight though, after a very satisfactory evening during which we managed to get through the whole of the first act in a little over two hours. As it’s a long act, which I’m expecting to run at around 1 hour 10 in performance, this is pretty good for a first full run. The lines were really good, considering that we haven’t done these scenes for a couple of weeks – OK, we did have to do several re-takes of a few troublesome bits, but they’re really not that far away from being fluent, and as we’re now moving on to running the whole play each week, assurance should improve fairly quickly.

Everyone did extremely well tonight, special mention going to Steve for good character work and Rachel for coping with some wonky cues with great aplomb. The Director’s Highly Commended Award must go to Chris and Alex, though, for performing the infamous ill-fated seduction scene with great pace and apparent abandon. Only they, and I, know how much additional and demanding rehearsal time has gone into this, proving that the scenes which look the look the most spontaneous and chaotic are the ones which take the most work. Anyone who thinks comedy is easy should take note. But this play is most definitely an ensemble piece, and everyone is doing really well towards our goal of achieving an end result which is much more than the sum of its parts.

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