Hang a shining star upon the highest bough

Yes, OK Belinda, the tree looks lovely, but don’t forget to take the coffee pot off with you when you go . . .

Another joker in the pack tonight in the form of rehearsal props. Random items from my kitchen, a remote control racing car, and four mismatched wellington boots (all I could find in a hurry.) I wanted the cast to get used to when they’d got to bring a prop on, as well as what they’d got to do with it and where they’d got to leave it, as soon as possible, given the number of items on the props list. Unfortunately this is complicated by the fact that they’re still using their scripts, so the rehearsal soon began to resemble Double or Drop on Crackerjack (hah! that dates me.) John, trying to manipulate the racing car, an electronic test meter, a screwdriver, and his script: “Right, now ruffle her hair!” The look on his face was a picture. Oh well, there’s an incentive to get the lines learned and the scripts down as soon as possible.

The plans for next week are to carry on with the detailed scene rehearsals, still trying to get at least two runs of the scene in question each night. We got through Scene 2 one and a half times tonight – close, but no cigar!

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