He’s gonna find out who’s naughty and nice

Harvey’s self-appointed role as guardian of the nation’s morals turned nasty tonight and Martin turned very nasty with it. What a horrible man he is (Harvey, not Martin.)

Scene 5 tonight – the first run was pretty dire, but a second attempt was better and the third was actually quite good. This was very rewarding for us all – it’s nice to have a scene which is short enough to allow us several goes at it. This final scene is a difficult one to get right – there’s a lot of action in a short space of time and all the moves need to be timed properly. On the first run I realised that something wasn’t right with the position I’d asked Tricia to take up, and a look at the script during one of the breaks identified a line on which she could move. We tried it out next time through and it gave the character motivation and therefore credibility – and got her in the right place for the rest of that section. Win win! It’s so satisfying when that happens. Almost worth my getting it wrong to start with.

The lines were rather creaky tonight and I suggested they take any time when they weren’t on stage to look them over. Steve wasn’t feeling too great and it’s John’s first rehearsal after his holiday, so I do understand – but at the same time I have to keep pushing them to get them right. We’re into September now and that means the final weeks of rehearsal will be on us before we know where we are. And there are still planned absences to contend with. We’ll get there, and it will be a great show, but we have to keep working hard.

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