Make my wish come true

Season's Greetings Blog
Season’s Greetings Blog

Last rehearsal in the Tesco community room – get in time approaches. With this in mind I pushed really hard to get through the complete play tonight, and we managed to do so.

There are some great moments in this play, which the cast are finding, and the characterisations are coming through strongly as well. What we still need, though, is more pace. The middle three scenes are all over-running by between 5 and 10 minutes, and this is adding far too much to the total run time. This is down to the fact that there is still uncertainty over lines, which of course means that the confidence and fluidity which will make all the difference to the end result are still lacking.

We didn’t have Rachel tonight, which of course made it difficult, particularly for Paul during their scenes together, and for Steve during the puppet show. All credit to both of them for coping so well. And of course cue pick up inevitably suffers when the prompt is reading in.

My wish tonight is for the full turnout which we are expecting on Thursday to be achieved, and for everyone to be completely fluent with their lines. Then I can push really hard during the rehearsal for pace and fast cue pick-ups. It’s a big wish, but maybe the Christmas fairies can make it come true . . .

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