Santa, won’t you bring me the one I really need

A change of plan, as neither Rachel nor Rosie could make it tonight, plus the two I already knew would be away, so we were down to half a cast, but it was most certainly miles better than none. A really good rehearsal tonight, focusing on Scene 5 instead of Scene 3.

Chris, Alex and I had planned to start early tonight with another go at the X-rated episode under the Christmas tree, so we stuck to that idea and I asked the others to come for 8.00 to work on Scene 5, which by good fortune includes the people I’d got and not, to any great extent, the ones I hadn’t. I’d devised the requisite extra tweaks which I thought would make the midnight tryst work, and so it proved, thank goodness. It’s still difficult with books in hand, so they’re going to work on getting the lines secure, while I talk to Simon tomorrow evening about the sound effects for the scene, and see if we can have at least an approximation of them for Thursday evening, when we’ll start early again before the others arrive to work on the earlier part of the scene.

Scene 5 is very short compared to the others, which was just as well as the “corpse” proved very troublesome, continually getting in the way of the ac-tors strutting their stuff. Eventually we tried a radical solution, putting him in the sitting room doorway instead, which gave the others rather more room to work – in the case of Belinda and Rachel, elbowing each other out of the way in order to get the best brow-mopping spot. As, having been pronounced dead, he inconsiderably showed signs of life and called out for the wrong woman, a whole mini-series of sisterly rivalry began to look a distinct possibility. However, as we, and eventually our audiences, do have homes to go to, they settled for a final spat at the front door and we drew to a conclusion. Many thanks to my excellent cast, who proved tonight that a problem shared is a problem solved. Keep up the great work, guys.

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