There’ll be parties for hosting

Belinda and Neville have made it past the turkey and crackers and now Christmas Day is winding down – or at least that’s what you might expect.

Belinda, assisted by Pattie, is finishing off in the kitchen while a merry (in more ways than one) game of Snakes and Ladders is in full swing in the dining room. As far as Phyllis is concerned, the night is still young and Bernard knows what he can do with those hot water bottles . . .

Scene 3 is now blocked, with the exception of the late night goings on under the Christmas tree – without Belinda there tonight that would have been rather difficult. We had time to go through this scene twice, and also to re-visit Scene 1, so a good night’s work. I was tickled pink to see characterisation start to emerge during this rehearsal – a mark of the excellent cast I’m lucky enough to have at my disposal, and perhaps a reflection of the character discussions we’ve been having. Phyllis told us tonight that her marrying Bernard was due to her over-ambitious mother, and that actually she really wanted to marry a plumber. This does not accord with the touching story we heard from Bernard on Tuesday, so I foresee a rich seam of marital discord developing here, just in time for a session next week on What Attracted You to Your Other Half. Wot larks!

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