You better watch out, you better not cry

Scene 2 tonight, with Adrienne taking over from Diana as the Voice of Doom for those who couldn’t quite get their lines right. Actually, most people were getting the lines right, they just weren’t necessarily saying them in the right place!

Although some of them were beating themselves up, they really had no cause to do so – the standard of the lines is extremely good for this still-early stage. It must have taken a lot of hard work, and unfortunately there can be no let up for the time being, but it’s paying off. Onwards and upwards, guys!

A nearly full turnout tonight – John’s not back until next week, and Rosie will be away for some time, but it was so great to have so many of them there. I feel like a proper mother hen. Tricia was on great form, with Rachel’s brittle composure finally cracking in the face of Belinda’s having wrecked yet another putative relationship. In the way of so many grown up sisters, they reverted to five year olds as they squabbled over whose pair of boots Clive was going to wear, followed by Tricia stomping off in a wonderfully juvenile huff for the Christmas morning walk to the farm. And we are beginning to see some good stuff from Paul and Rachel as they explore the darker undertones of Eddie and Pattie’s marriage. Very well done, everyone.

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