Do the fairies keep him sober for a day?

A bit of a sticky session tonight, and I’m not only talking about the flapjack.

We started early again with Chris, Alex and a few sound effects. Well done to them both – they’d worked hard to get their lines right, which helped immensely with rehearsing the scene. It was still difficult to get the fall right, but after we’d started from the end position and worked backwards to find exactly where Alex needed to be in relation to Chris before knocking him over, it came right.

By now most of the rest of the cast had arrived, and we had a brief look together at the whole of scene 3, starting off by working out where everyone was, what they were doing and how they might be feeling about each other. Some discussion followed on how drunk each person was and how much that contributes to what happens later in the scene. Then we ran the scene – the only problem being that Rosie still hadn’t arrived. So we did our best with Alex reading in for her, but as she’s one of the main characters in this scene, it wasn’t easy. There were also a few problems with moves which weren’t working smoothly, not helped by my being unable to remember what my original intentions had been. We got through to the end of the scene, having missed out a few sections involving actors who weren’t there (Paul and Martin as well as Rosie), but it was bitty and unsatisfactory to say the least. My plan at that stage was to stop for a cup of tea, but unfortunately we’d forgotten to switch on the water boiler early enough – so I couldn’t even follow the time honoured advice to Keep Calm and Brew Up! So we slogged on and did another run, which was better, and the icing on the cake was that the seduction scene worked really well. I have the feeling that some bits of this scene could be improved on if I gave them a bit more thought, but that’s for another day. Time for bed now – sometimes you just have to sleep on things.

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