Here we are as in olden days, happy golden days of yore…

Scene 2: Christmas in the Bunker household is starting to get a bit sticky, and that’s not only because of the Dolly Mixtures all over the hall floor.

Not such a difficult scene to block as the first one, with fewer comings and goings (apart from Bernard with all the puppet theatre impedimenta.) We got through it fairly quickly and then settled down for a spot of character analysis over a cup of tea.

It transpires that Belinda and Rachel are quite fond of each other really, although opinion is divided over the names of their parents – were they Barry and Sandra or Bryan and Vera? Apparently Eddie’s Dad was away a lot in the Navy, so his Mum absolutely doted on her little boy, who now expects his wife to do the same. She is strangely reluctant to add another child to the three and a half she already has . . Harvey wanted to be in the military, but they wouldn’t let him play with the guns, so he ended up as a security guard instead, while Clive is thoroughly enjoying being lionised by bevies of adoring novel-reading ladies. Great fun, and well done everyone for joining in with such gusto – just wait till we get to the serious character assassination stuff in a few rehearsals’ time!

On Thursday it’s going to be blocking Scene 3 and What Does your Character Really Want? A suggestion for Belinda to start with: to give Neville a kick up the pants; and one for Clive: to survive Christmas chez Bunker with his sanity intact – but it’s up to them to decide!

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