Browse a list of all of our productions from 1973 to 2008 with details of the production, the year and the director. We’ve spent a long time compiling this list from old programmes, photo cuttings and photos contained in archive boxes and folders. If you have anything to add please get in touch – we’d love to hear from you.

Production Year/Month Director/Producer
Whodidit (Swavesey festival week) 2008, June Chris Avery
Easy Stages [festival entry] 2008, Mar Bob Bright
Jack & The Beanstalk 2008, Jan Robin Pearson
Soapsud Island 2007, Oct Gloria Milne
Festival Double bill (inc But Yesterday [festival entry]) (with SVCTC) 2007, Apr Bob Bright
Toad of Toad Hall 2007, Jan Janice Knights
Partly Pieces (inc Pieces of Hate [festival entry]) 2006, Apr Bob Bright
Cinderella 2006, Jan Janet Maguire
Write About What You Know 2005, April Bob Bright
Sleeping Beauty 2005, Jan Alan & Ava Hewitt
Habeas Corpus 2004, April Ray Whitby, Michelle Morgano
Dick Whittington 2004, Jan Alan Hewitt & Nick Flower
Curtain Call 2003,Apr Abi Pearson
Arabian Knights 2002,Nov Janice Knights & Niki Whitby ??
My Fair Lady 2002, Apr Janet Maguire
King Arthur 2001, Nov Janet Maguire
Winter Glory cancelled 2001, Mar
Aladdin 2000, Nov Janet Maguire & John Wakefield
Cocktail of Comedies (incl. Tram Track Tragedy) 2000,March Various
Cinderella 1999, Nov Janet Maguire
After Eight 1999, May Jo Maguire / Kerryanne Birks
Cinderella cancelled 1998, Winter
Confusions 1998, May Francis Goddard
Christmas Carol 1997, Nov Gill Sutton
Me and My Girl 1997, May Steve Eldred / Judith Willows
Pinocchio 1996, Nov Gill Sutton
Noises Off 1996, Sep Gloria Milne
Music and Miscellany 1996, May Cynthis Ayres / Judith Willows
Wizard of Oz 1995, Nov Steve Eldred / Judith Willows
V for Victory 1995, April Sheila Willows
Little Miss Muffet 1994, Nov Gill Sutton
Salad Days 1994, May Sheila Willows
I’ll Get my Man 1993, Oct Dennis Rowe
A day in the Park 1993, May Sheila Willows
Little Polly Flinders 1992, Nov Gill Sutton
Clerical Errors 1992, May
The Merry Gentleman 1991, Dec Gill Sutton
A Collier’s Tuesday Tea & All’s well that ends as you like it 1991, Sept Sheila Willows
Streuth 1991, May
Jack and the Beanstalk 1991, Jan Colin Smith / Margaret Tabbitt
3 Michael Green plays (coarse acting) 1990?? Sheila Willows
Derek [festival} 1990, April Peter Hains
Arthur 1990, April Colin Smith
Fame, Power, Money – Review 1989, Nov John Wakefield
Dick Whittington 1989, Jan Gloria Milne
Billy Liar 1987, Oct Dennis Rowe
Lark Rise 1987, May Gloria Milne
Amy, Wonderful Amy[festival} 1987, April RexWalford
A Pair of Jesus Boots[festival, youth] 1987, April Malcolm Crisp
The Ginger-bread man 1987, Feb. John Hughes
Saturday, Sunday, Monday 1986, Nov. Wendy Walford
Outside Edge 1986, June Marline Peuleve / Jacky Redpath
Bazaar and Rummage 1986, April Gloria Milne?
Mr Cinders 1986, Feb Rex Walford
People Like Us 1985, June Karen Barrett
Seaside Postcard 1985, June Di Askew
Gosforth’s Fete [festival} 1985, April Gloria Milne
Our Day Out [festival} 1985, April Malcolm Crisp
Aladdin 1985, Jan. RexWalford
Farndale Ave. 7WG Murder Mystery 1984,Oct Colin Shaw
Kiss me Kate 1984, July Malcolm Crisp
Gregory’s Girl [festival, youth] 1984, April Martine Peuleve
Definitely Eric Geddis [festival} 1984, April Sue Lloyed-James
1984 1984, Feb Gloria Milne
Swavesey Silver Jubilee Revue 1983, Nov Rex Watford
The Murder of Maria Marten 1983, July Peter Mains
Shirts [festival, youth] 1983, April Sue Howell (Haines)
Epsom Downs [festival} 1983, April Rex Watford
Cinderella 1983, Jan Gloria Milne
Dry Rot 1982, Nov. Malcolm Crisp
Back in the old Routine, Variety 1982, July Sheila Willows
King of the Castle [festival, youth] 1982, April Peter Haines
Heroes [festival} 1982, April Rex Walford
The Anniversary 1982, Mar John Hughes
Godspell 1981, Nov Rex Walford
Rose Without a Thorn 1981, July Margaret Hill
Three Sketches by D. Campton 1981, April Sheila Willows
The Good and Faithfull Servant[festival} 1981, April Rex Walford
Babes in the Wood 1981, Jan Malcolm Crisp
Mixed Doubles 1980, Oct Sheila Willows
Ace, King, Queen 1980, July Rex Walford
Sailor Beware 1980, June Margaret Hill
Interview [festival} 1980, April Rex Walford
This Happy Breed 1980, Feb Sheila Willows
Rock Nativity 1979, Dec Rex Walford
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum 1979, July Malcolm Crisp
Ernie’s Incredible Illucinations [festival} 1979, April Rex Walford
Cabaret 1979, Jan Rex Walford
Black Comedy & Slight Accident 1978, Nov Sheila Willows / Keith Booth
The Card 1978, June Rex Walford
After Magritte 1978, April Malcolm Crisp
Sing a Song of Sixpence 1978, Jan Rex Walford
Absurd Person Singular 1977, Oct Malcolm Crisp
It’s a Lovely Day Tomorrow 1977, June Rex Walford
The Birthday Partyact 2 [festival} 1977, April Rex Walford
Bonaventure 1977, Feb. Malcolm Crisp
A Christmas Carol 1976, Dec. Rex Walford
Free as Air 1976, June David Cooper
Was He Anyone? [festival} 1976, April Rex Walford
The Rats 1976, April David Cooper
Two and two make Sex 1976, Jan David Cooper
The Matchgirts 1975, Nov Rex Walford
Summer Night Out – Review 3 1975, June David Cooper
The Visit act 1 [festival} 1975, April Rex Walford
Gaslight 1975, March David Cooper
The Wizard of Oz 1975, Jan. Rex Walford
Pools Paradise 1974, Oct Keith Booth
Summer Night Out – Review 2 1974, June David Cooper
Walrus & the Carpenter 1974, April Rex Walford
The Three Sisters act 3 [festival} 1974, April Mike Warden
The Black Cabinet 1974, April Tom Pope
Last Appearance 1974, April Amy Robinson
Aladdin 1974, Jan David Cooper
The Hollow 1973, Nov Tim Rollo
Summer Night Out – Review 1 1973, Jun David Cooper