What do all sons want most? To look up to their fathers and be proud of them. What do all fathers want most? To give their sons guidance and a better future.

It is the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month – a time to remember. The story covers five generations of one family’s inner conflicts against a background of global conflict. War leaves its scars upon each generation, but the real battle is the torment and frustration they each feel within their own relationships.

Ron – Ken Eason
Stephen – John Pickering
Darren – Callum Evans
George – Chris Hay
Billy – Billy Pridgeon

Director – Chris Avery
Sound Design – Simon Munford
Lighting Design – Martin Avery[/two]
[two_last]Awards & Nominations

AwardsWinner of 2nd place (Sawston), Best Supporting Actor (Ken Eason – Sawston), Stage design (Sawston), Lighting (Cambridge).
NominationsNominations for Best Actor (Chris Hay & Ken Eason), Technical Excellence, Best Sound, Best Costume, Best Stage Presentation, Best Cameo (Billy Pridgeon)[/two_last]

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