The Door. It’s drama, tension, humour. An exploration of matters that concern us all, an unraveling of a history. It’s a room, a banging door. Two men converse, bicker and joke about politics, religion, trivia and consequences – we gradually realize they aren’t strangers. Somebody died…

This play written by Tony Earnshaw was our award-winning drama festival entry for 2011, winning the following awards:

– 2nd Place (Sawston)
– 2nd Place (Cambridge)
– Best Actor (Sawston) – John Pickering

It was also nominated for:

– Best Actor (Sawston & Cambridge) – Chris Hay
– Best Actor (Cambridge) – John Pickering
– Best Sound (Cambridge)
– Adjudicators Award for Ensemble Work (Sawston)

Captain Ryan – Chris Hay
Corporal Boyd – John Pickering

Director – Chris Avery
Producer – Martin Avery
Sound & Lighting – Martin Avery

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