We all will be together . . .

That’s what I was happily anticipating – a full cast! – but unfortunately the fates didn’t allow, Martin having phoned to say he wouldn’t be coming as he was poorly. Luckily we have another Martin on hand, that man of many talents, who read in for Harvey, operated sound effects and ran timing checks on each of the scenes. Thank goodness for techies.

We didn’t quite make the full run, but we weren’t far off, running out of time about two thirds of the way through the fourth scene. That counts as a result for the first attempt. The lines are pretty well there, they just need more assurance so that the actors can give some thought to all the extra things which will make the comedy work to its full effect. Everyone worked so hard and each of them had moments of real achievement – the potential for making this a great show is clearly there. The set pieces which posed such challenges a few weeks ago are starting to really come together – I was delighted with the seduction scene tonight, in fact it was so funny I had to shush other members of the cast so that Alex and Chris could hear what each other was saying. The snakes and ladders game looked and sounded very convincing, and even the puppet show was going very well (maybe it’s as well that we had to give up while we were still winning!) What we need now is to be confident enough that we can get through each of the scenes in a time approaching our targets, so that we can stop and work on all the details of each interaction, finding all the possibilities and sorting out all the things which aren’t quite right at the moment. This is the most rewarding part of it all for me, making it all sing!

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